This past weekend 18/19 May we had the OFS Show in Bloemfontein.



Congratulations to Hannes van Aswegen for once again winning Grand and Reserve Grand Champions! Both koi were selected and bought in Japan by Dream Koi.

Hannes is very well know in the showing circuit and has won numerous Grand Champions over the years. Besides showing he also helps sponsor many of our shows.


GC this year was special in that it was won with a Showa. Something that Hannes has wanted to do for a long time! This Showa was bought from the Momotaro Auction as nisai and Hannes has successfully grown her to 82cm and kept her quality to a high standard. Congratulations Hannes!


RGC went to a special Sakai Hiroshima Sanke. She is only 72cm so has got some way to go in the future. Her body shape and skin is outstanding!

Hannes is bringing his top koi to the South African National Show in Durban in July this year. This promises to be a outstanding Show which will have most of the top koi in the country competing for the National honours.

Next up on the showing calendar is the Gauteng Show at Crest on the 1/2 of June.


All koi on our “Koi For Sale’ page have been personally hand selected, thoroughly quarenteened for up to 12 weeks, treated for parasites and tested to make sure they do not have KHV!!


The first Koi Show of the year has come and gone.

Well done to Drikus van Dyk foe once again taking the majority of the major awards with koi supplied by Dream Koi.

In particular the Grand Champion Sakai snake which was brought as tosai from the Sakai Auction and is now an impressive 83cm!

Grand Supreme Champion

Reserve Grand Champion

Jumbo A Champion

Jumbo B Champion

Supreme Size 9 Champion

Mature Champion

The next major Show is the Free State Show

Followed by the Gauteng Show:-

After that the big one! The South African National Koi Show in Kzn near Durban:-

2018 South African Koi Show

The SAKKS National Koi Show was held at Cresta Shopping Centre on the 19th and 20th May up in Gauteng.

Congratulations to the Chapter and all the volunteers who gave up their time to put on a tremendous show! With great weather,over 1000 people through the gate and well over 300 koi entered, it was an extremely successful event!

Well done to Dream Koi’s clients supporting the Show and for bringing their koi.

Besides many first and second places in many of the categories these are some of the main awards that they won:-

Reserve Grand Champion went to Sean Golgoczy with an 74cm Sakai Auction Sanke:-

Superior Grand Champion went to Thinus Marais with another 74cm Sakai Sanke:-

Junior Grand Champion was won by Steve Golgoczy with a 51cm Sakai Showa.This lovely Showa also won Best Potential Size 5 and the Kevin Harrison Award:-

Jumbo A Champion went to Sean with an 85cm Momotaro Kohaku:-

Jumbo B Champion went to Nicola Rae Van Aswegen with a 95cm Ogata Chagoi. This koi also won the Best in Special Variety award:-

Supreme Champion Size 9 went to Sean with a 77cm Sakai Sanke:-

Supreme Champion Size 8 also to Sean with a 69cm Sakai Sandan Kohaku:-

Supreme Champion Size 7 to Sean with a stunning 66cm Sakai Tancho Sanke

Supreme Champion Size 5 to Steve for a beautiful 51cm Sakai Maruten Sanke:-

Well done to these guys in particular for all the work they put into getting these koi into show condition!

2018 Southern Cape Show

The first Koi Show on the South African calendar has just happened down in George.With over 300 koi entered there was some good competition.

Drikus van Dyk has been a passionate koi keeper for a good few years now and has made the trip up to George from Cape Town and won numerous titles.

This year was no exception when he took both Supreme Grand Chanpion and Reserve Grand Champion with Dream Koi supplied Sakai Sankes. Interestingly the SGC was bought as tosai:-

Reserve Grand:-

Charl van der Merwe is a local entrant who has also been regularly successful with his koi.

He recently selected and purchased an 80cm Karashigoi from Dream Koi that won numerous accolades at the Show- Superior Grand Champion(3rd best koi on Show),Best Non Gosanke, Jumbo B and Best in Special Variety. Well done Charl!

The next Show is the 2018 South African National Koi Show up in Gauteng at Cresta on the 19/20th of May. We will be taking a stand there and bringing up koi to sell.Looking forward to it!

2017 Gauteng Show

Once more Dream Koi clients did exceptionally well with their koi at the Show:-

Congratulations to Sean Galgoczy on Supreme Grand Champion and also many other prizes including the below awards-

This stunning Momotaro Kohaku was imported as nisai and grown on at Dream Koi for the first few years.Then sold to Sean who has done an excellent job with her.

He also won Reserve Grand Champion with a Sakai Sanke selected and bought on Auction in Japan by Dream Koi:-

Jumbo A was another Sakai Sanke bought on Auction by Dream Koi:-

Supreme size 9 was a stunning Sakai Karashigoi bought as tosai by Dream Koi and grown on in their facilities for the first few years:-

Supreme size 8- another striking Sakai Auction Sanke:-

Mature Champion was a Sakai Tancho Sanke:-

Supreme size 5- a beautiful sandan Sakai Kohaku imported as tosai:-

Supreme size 4- lovely Sakai Showa, also bought in as tosai:-

Well done also to Guy Constantinou for winning Supreme size 7 with another striking Sakai Sanke.

There were many other Dream Koi supplied koi that won 1st,2nd and 3rd places. Well done to all involved for a great Show!

Past Champions

With our Show season in in full swing it’s really interesting to go back and look at koi handled by Dream Koi that have won Grand Supreme and Reserve Grand Supreme titles over the years gone by:It’s also interesting to see what other titles some of these stunning koi have won:-


Still alive and well and way over 90cm!


























I’ve always had a soft spot for Chagois.I think it’s a combination of their strength and simplicity.There is always a place for a chagoi in a pond. They get extremely tame/friendly and greedy ,so will often encourage the other koi in the pond to feed more profusely.

I’ve found that Ogata Koi Farm producers some extremely good Chagois.

I purchased these 2 Nisai at the Ogata November Auction in 2012 with Paul Coetzee
who shares my passion for this variety. Both koi are in my Champion’s pond.

This fish is now only 3,5 years old and over 85cm,

classic strong body and great, even scalation/ colour.

This Chagoi is more chocolate and is over 80cm and has developed a lot of character
in her face with distinctive chubby cheeks-Paul’s favorite! Won’t be as big as the other-imo- but is still stunning!
I am sure Paul will be showing at least one of them at the KZN Show in July and I will then get updates on pictures and sizes.

2 other stunning Ogata Chagois:-
A beautiful Chagoi grown by Ernst from Nisai to win some coveted awards.
Mark bought this Chagoi from Dream Koi who grew it on frm nisai to an 80cm Sansai. Mark has put another 7cm onto the koi and I’m sure we will see this fish do something special at the Western Cape Show later this year.



Filter upgrade to indoor champions pond

With the high cost of electricity and also to minimize the maintenance, but to increase the effectiveness of the filters, I decided to make some changes to my filter system:-


I removed all the koi and blocked the bottom drains- I left the water running in the pond with the weirs directly connected to the protein skimmer and bakki shower. I then did the foundations for the filtration system.
The finished filter- 2 bottom drains to 1 Profidrum- thank you Mark from Koi Water Products!- and the 3rd bottom drain and 2 weirs to the other drum. From the drums the water goes through 3 filter chambers of Japanese matting- up/down system. The 4th chamber is the pump chamber where 2 x 55 00 liters an hour submersables push the water up and through 2 large stainless steel bakki showers filled with Momotaro Bakki House Media and then back to the pond. In addition I have a Speck pump pushing water through a sand filter and UV light and returning through my inside bakki shower with Ogata Crystal Bio.

One of the 3 Japanese mat filters

Pump chamber

Twin outside bakki showers

100 ton Champions pond- plenty of oxygen!

OFS Grand champion

After Hannes’s success with the OFS GC I looked up the Sanke to see how much she had changed from when I purchased her as nisai from Sakai to now:-

The most interesting change has been the sumi quantity and the beni quality- made a huge difference to the koi!